Изменение разрешения экрана

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Добавляем в system/build.prop:


480 это DPI у FHD экранов на 5 дюйм.

ldpi - 120 dpi
mdpi - 160 dpi
hdpi - 240 dpi
xhdpi - 320 dpi
xxhdpi - 480 dpi
xxxhdpi - 640 dpi


0 #1 Marucok 10.02.2015 22:20
Somehow, I changed my Neo N003 density to 440, based on its actual ppi (1920x1080/5").
Result seems more densed and smaller, no side effect of screen layout and characters still in comfort reading. I just pick font size in Normal in Display setting to keep comfort. In games and apps have no major issue. And Playstore still in normal layout too.

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